This is part of the success stories, narrated by the students and teachers in the schools that applies MBRSLP.

Zainab School for Primary and Secondary Education Ras Al-Khaima

Documenting part of the work of student/Mouza Saeed Al Ahmad using MBRSLP tools in Zainab School- RAK

Al-Batayeh School for Primary and Secondary Education

How MBRSLP helps the special needs students

Al Nouf School for Girls 

Flipped classroom story and how MBRSLP enhances the overall learning experience

Al Baydaa School – RAK

How the Smart Learning Program affects student daily life and make the whole learning experience more interesting


Al Fujairah School for Girls

Innovative use of smart learning tools in music and physical education classes to increase students engagement.


Are you student, teacher, parent or principal in one of the MBRSLP schools? We love to hear from you how the program affected you. Send us your story now.

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