The program offers students the additional set of complex skills and competencies needed to succeed in a knowledge-led economy. The Program offers students a wide range of opportunities, high-quality education and an accessible medium of communication to reach out to teachers.


“Only after the MBRSLP program came in we started to get excited with the content that was available to us.”

Student at one of MBRSLP schools


The Program places the student at the heart of the learning system, offering them opportunities to progress and develop into successful professionals. A higher standard of education raises the national status of youth and allows them to contribute more as productive citizens and future leaders in line with UAE’s 2021 Vision. Establishing a solid foundation for honing student creativity and innovation equips students with knowledge, while preserving a strong sense of cultural heritage. With computer literacy, critical thinking skills, bilingual capabilities, multi-cultural understanding and a top level education, students can have a competitive edge when they enter the job market.Like the teachers, students have access to Adoption Experts and the 24 hour hotline for continuous support and assistance. The Program is far and foremost for the students -they are the core- it is up to them to make the best use of the internet to expand their knowledge base, to ask more questions outside of classroom hours using the online platform, and looking at their lesson plans and assignments in advance of classroom sessions they are more prepared on the topics that will be discussed for the day. Students are being surrounded by a positive environment with the MBRSLP that urges all actors -the school, teachers and parents- to push them towards success. Asking questions online after students have attended class is especially useful for those who might be embarrassed to ask questions in front of their peers in the classroom or might have more questions as they are doing their homework at home.



The Program is not only centered on the use of technology at school, but also focuses on providing a complete and enhanced educational experience of which the teacher is the cornerstone. The success of the Program is intricately linked to the quality of teachers.


“…It makes us feel more motivated and independent in our teaching.”

Teacher at one of MBRSLP schools


The MBRSLP supports the capacity, motivation and capabilities of the teaching workforce, ensuring effective use of technology, to improve the quality of the teaching and consequently the learning experience of the students. The implementation of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program requires a fundamental cultural change in administrators, teachers, students and parents approach to education.

The online platform gives teachers the chance to communicate easily with students and parents outside of classroom hours. It is also allows them to easily prepare lesson plans and share them with students and parents in advance of classroom sessions. Using Smart Boards reduces time spent writing out on traditional marker or chalk boards and leaves more time to focus on the student. Reduction of paper across the board reduces time spent correcting papers by hand; the technology enables teachers to receive homework assignments electronically, which cuts down on time spent in the classroom handing out and collecting assignments and is better for the environment.

The Program works closely with schools and provides essential Teacher Training needed on MBRSLP applications, the online platform, and technological devices to ensure that teachers have the tools, training and resources necessary to build future leaders. Continuous training throughout the year and assistance is available to teachers through Adoption Experts who are present on a daily basis during school hours. In addition, teachers can call the hotline and ask questions when needed.



The Program trains Principals on how to use technology to help them manage and improve their schools in a way that furthers students’ achievements, while advancing the UAE’s education system. Through the Program, increased cooperation between schools is encouraged to exchange expertise as well as participate in healthy competition


“I can know about the students’ behavior, attendance and lesson plans – all from my desk here.”

School principal at one of MBRSLP schools


Principals are expected to apply international standards across the schools, while generating new innovations that can serve as precedents on the world stage when it comes to smart learning. The Program works with Principals to help them raise their national school rankings. An online platform as well as the ideology of the Program which encourages communication amongst all groups facilitates increased interaction between Principals, teachers, parents and students.

MBRSLP works with schools to ensure that principals have the appropriate training, guidance and support to fully utilize the deployed solutions to have positive and measurable impact on their school’s overall performance. Principals take part in training sessions conducted by the MBRSLP instructors, where they are advised on how to best deal with parents by involving them in their child’s progress, with teachers by supporting them as they adjust in to this new Program, and with the students by encouraging them to utilize all resources available to reach their highest potential. The training provided enables school principals to be more efficient, exploit technology solutions more efficiently and model the use of technology to their staff. The Program works to bring about a cultural change across the board, so that it cascades across the whole educational system. Principals must embody the change they wish to see in their schools, teachers, parents and students. The Program encourages Principals to promote creativity in students, value their opinion and empower them to express themselves to reach their highest potential both academically and personally.



Parents will notice a difference in their child’s overall progress as they develop problem-solving skills and an analytical approach when tackling assignments and other tasks. Parents can easily track their child’s performance through an online platform that gives them access to view lesson plans, assignments, and progress reports.


“We are very happy with it – because now the parents in this area are trying to push their children to be accepted into this school because we are part of the MBRSLP.”

School principal at one of MBRSLP schools


Parents will notice a difference in their child’s overall progress as they develop problem-solving skills and an analytical approach when tackling assignments and other tasks. Parents can easily track their child’s performance through an online platform that gives them access to view lesson plans, assignments, and progress reports. With easy access to information and support, parents can engage more closely with teachers and principals to take part in their child’s education. The Program acts as an extension of the education system beyond the classroom.

The 24 hour hotline is open to anyone who wants to ask about the program or needs assistance in using the online platform. Parents can save time by accessing the hotline and online platform to view their child’s student records at any time from the convenience of their own home, without having to attend time limited parent’s meetings or to schedule specific times to visit the school. The Program trains teachers and principals to engage parents in their child’s academic progress, spreading a nurturing culture and understanding that home support from parents is just as vital to a student’s success in school as classroom support from teachers. All parties are encouraged to work together and share the responsibility.