‘Smart School Transformation Framework’ to be implemented The


The Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program (MBRSLP) has announced a massive rollout mission of a Professional Development scheme for all principals and deputy principals across all of its educational institutions, currently consisting of 202 schools in the UAE.
This follows from the successful completion of a pilot study, with educators across UAE smart schools, which was delivered by world-trained and experienced professionals in strategic leadership in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
The underpinning objective of the new programme, tailored specifically for education leaders in UAE schools, is to improve the outcomes for learners and the community through effective strategic leadership of ICT.
Effective from April 2016, following a detailed schedule, remaining Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 principals will be able to take part in the training session organised in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Education in select cohorts across the UAE.
As part of the training, MBRSLP has launched a unique initiative “Smart School Transformation Framework”, after a successful trial period in 2015.
The framework, a first-of-its-kind in the region, is a core pillar of the programme and has been specifically tailored to suit educational institutions in the UAE under the supervision of international world-renowned experts.
The holistic framework offers schools the tools to assess the effective application of technology across all of its 202 schools.
It provides a self-managed framework to educators to empower them in their ICT journey and allows them to design suitable roadmaps to achieve goals for technological advancement.
The “Smart School Transformation Framework” focuses on core elements which cover leadership aspects, curriculum and resourcing learning, learning teachers and teaching, student and family context, assessment and student progress and operational provision and management.